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Q4 is a united front of campaigners and activists dedicated to changing lives. 

Our mission is to encourage volunteering and giving back to communities, even on a microscopic scale. 

So how did Q4 begin?

Back in 2016 we launched our very first project, Women in Need, which was a smash success. We were able to support a number of organisations with this project including Smalls For All, Womens' refuges and Surestart Centres by collecting bras, brand new underwear, sanitary items and other essentials, bedding, and baby products. Our target to collect enough supplies to improve the lives of 1000 vulnerable women during the course of this project was met within two months.

Our second  and ongoing Christmas Project saw Q4 provide gifts to women and children in refuges. We have been able to provide gifts for over 300 women and children over the past three years. 
We've also collaborated with SODA - Survivors of Domestic Abuse's Good Night Sleep Bag project to provide bedtime stories to celebrate World Book Day. We collected 70 brand new books for the project. This project was so successful that we immediately began collecting books to implement Room to Read, enabling us to facilitate children's reading corners in the communal areas of women's refuges.

from 2017-2019, we expanded on Women in Need by creating care packages for women and their children entering refuge, and actively supporting campaigns for Period Poverty, like Red Box. 

Searching for new ways to encourage anyone to give back and feel good lead us to 'Five Minutes to Change the World', a resource for Micro Volunteer actions that you can take that require just a few minutes...or more, if you want to give the gift of time. All of our Micro Volunteer actions are FREE, meaning that anyone, anywhere can take action to change the world.


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